Villagers in the World Wars

The Stibbard villagers involved in The First World War are listed below with some details of their stories. The planned orchard extension for 2023 will include memorial trees for The Second World War. A total of 55 men from Stibbard served in the forces during WW1 at a time when the village population was in the order of 440. Conscription was introduced in January 1916 for single men aged 18 to 41 and the following May this was extended to include married men. Of the 55 villagers, nine lost their lives and did not return. A tenth survived action in WW1 but died on active service in Ireland. Those lost are remembered below and the names of all who served in WW1 but returned to the village follow.

Born on 2nd June 1882 in Stibbard to William and Jane Fox-Codling.
Baptised 14th October 1883 and attended the village school.
Single and a general labourer, in 1917 he became Private 37507 in 2nd Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment.
He was killed in action in Flanders on the 22nd March 1918.

Born in 1890 in Swanton Morley, then living with his mother Mary Ann in Stibbard.
Single and a farm labourer, in 1916 he became Private 60350 in the Labour Corps.
He was wounded in Flanders and died on the 13th May 1918.

Born in 1887 in Wood Norton to John and Elizabeth Tann.
In 1916 he became Private 235083 in the 8th Battalion, Yorkshire Hussars, Yorkshire Regiment.
He was killed in action in Flanders on the 23rd April 1917.
His grave is in the British cemetery, L’ Homme  Mort, Ecoust – St Mein  France.

Born in 1892 in Guist, to Albert and Annie Maria Ansell and then lived in Moor End Stibbard.
Single and a labourer, in 1914 he became Private 1280 in the 7th battalion Norfolk Regiment.
He was killed in action on 14 October 1917 in Flanders.

Born on 15th March 1889 at Moor End Stibbard to John & Sarah Agnes Thompson.
Baptised 9th June 1889 and attended the village school.
Single, and a farm labourer in 1914 he became Private 12810 in the 8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment.
He was wounded in Flanders and died on the 11th July 1915.
He is commemorated on a family headstone at All Saints’ Stibbard.

Born on 29th April 1892 at Moor End Stibbard to John and Sarah Agnes Thompson.
Baptised 12th June1892 and attended the village school.
Single, in 1914 he became Private 20813 in the 11th Battalion, Essex Regiment.
He died in Wales on 14th April 1918 and is buried at All Saints’ Church Stibbard.
His grave is marked with a CWGC headstone.

Born on 18th October 1874 in Hampstead Middlesex.
He attended St Paul’s school in London, moving to Stibbard where he was a tenant farmer at Heathlands Farm.
Married to Eleanor and they had 4 children
He was enlisted on 14th October 1914 becoming Lance Sergeant 140110 in the Norfolk Yeomanry, Household Cavalry.
While on duty in Charleston, Co Mayo, Ireland, he was accidentally shot.
He died on 3rd June 1918 at his home.

Born 1880 in Fakenham, moving to Stibbard and living opposite the rectory.
He was a grain porter and married to May with three children.
In 1916 he became Private 60507 in the 23rd battalion in the Northumberland Fusiliers.
He was killed in action on 7th May 1918 in Flanders.

Born in Brooke in 1892 to Henry John and Maria Lord.
He lived at the Police Station in Lodden where his father was Superintendent.
He was single and a gardener.
In 1914 he became Lance Corporal 20673 in the 4th battalion of the Grenadier Guards
He died from wounds on 14th September 1916 in Flanders.

Born on 30th August 1890 in Fressingfield Suffolk to Henry John and Maria Lord.
Single, working as a teacher in an elementary school.
In 1914 he became Sergeant 13840 in the 8th Service Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment.
He was killed in action in Flanders on the 21st January 1916.

The following villagers were involved in WW1 but survived and returned to Stibbard:



John Abbs  William Abbs John Bird 
Fredrick Goldsmith James Loads Percy Meale
Charles Nobes Frank Norgate Arnold Philippo
Bertie Tann Sidney Thompson   Cyril Wade



Walter Bell     William Bird   Walter Buckenham
Charles Bray Sidney Green Cyril Mitchell
William Wright   William Yaxley 


  Arthur Abbs   Herbert Buckenham Bertie Bunting 
Archie Baldwin John Crabbe    William Crabbe
Richard Fox Herbert Holsey Walter Hutchinson
Arthur Joice George Loads   William Loads
Charles Middleton Alec Neale    Philip Nobes
Michael Philippo James Symonds   Ernest Tann
Fredrick Thompson    Anthony F. Fenn (Rector)



 George Dack Victor Jonas Arthur Thompson 



Walter Thompson    Herbert Voutt